Friday, September 28, 2007

First Contact

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anazazi1 said...

Hey to all. I came across your site while surfing for BSA camps in the West. Nice job on the site. It brought back alot of good memories. I was a staffer the first year Camp Loll was open to campers...archery and cooking. Jed Stringham was the Director and both of his sons spent the summer at camp as well. We slept on tent platforms, and built the dock (such as it was) from lumber hauled from the other side of the lake via motorized canoe. I believe we had maybe 3 troops/posts that summer and snow ran us out in mid August. I also remember actually developing immunity to the mosquitos:-) I returned for a second year, and things were much more active. We chose the amphitheater for the view and the echo from across the lake which played into some of the campfire yells.
Best to all. Maybe I'll make it up there sometime with my Eagle Scout sons.
Lance Parker Staff 1960-62

chamiga said...

the above link has now been changed to

I was just looking for place to put some old pictures I recently scanned in of my husband, Keith Prescott, Ben Olson and Jeff Hansen!!

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Makayla said...

Hey, i have 2 older brothers he worked there and i REaaLLy wanted to too. Where do i go to apply! I am i girl and i was just hoping there was still an opportunity for me to work there for that summer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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