Sunday, September 30, 2007

Improvements at the Spring

This is the way the spring looked mid summer when Mike Sposit, EPA Inspector, visited. He was please with the progress the spring had made but pointed out the reduction of the pudding around the spring had led to the growth of vegetation. Such vegetation can provide a conduit for contamination and so Mike instructed us to remove the woody plants and trim the soft greenery around the spring.

Jody Orme, Shad Burnham, and I took a brake from pumping the KYBO’s during our after camp visit to remove the vegetation around the spring. I sent these before and after pictures to the EPA and Camp Loll’s spring has been certified!

The EPA approves our spring; until next time.


Leo said...

Thanks for pumping! Life will be much better come June!

Curtis said...

Ah -- the good old days of pumping the Kybos. I miss them -- did the truck get stuck?

Camp Director said...

Hay Curtis!!!

Yes, the truck did get stuck, and there were only four of us and a sheet of plywood to get it out – but we did. So good to hear from you!

Kent said...

At least you didn't have to dig an elephant pit!

Just ask Mahonri how fun that is.