Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Season's Greetings

Camp Loll Staff to Camp Loll Staff,
Year to year to year,
A happy Christmas in December,
And a most wonderful New Year!!!!


Spencer Rose said...

I just got the letter about this website and think it is a great idea. I have to bring my wife and two boys up to Loll this summer because I think my wife is sick to death of hearing about this place and never seeing it. It is funny how Loll defined us, molded us, and continues to be a part of our lives (at least mine) even though some of us might not have been there for a long time. My oldest is two, and about a month ago I was watching him do daredevil stunts and I turned to Ashleigh and told her that he would make a great staffer (waterfront of course, its in the genes). I then realized that Delose better go another 15 to 20 years so Porter gets the right experience. I am excited that this has been started up and now I have something to get on the internet and look at besides the political blogs. We just moved back to Utah after quite a few years on the east coast and a couple of months in Arizona. My wife has a family website with lots of pics, and a little about our family. It is www.monalisafair.com. My email is dspencerr@gmail.com Good to hear from you Delose.

Camp Director said...

Dear Spencer,

It is great to hear from you, and to know you are back in Utah. E-mail us you new address etc. I am glad you will be coming to visit us this summer. So far we have a lot of folks coming from all accross the years. It should make for some great memories.